Vectorized Artwork:
Graphics or lettering made up of lines, arcs and points. These are common to CAD based programs.

Rasterized Artwork:
Graphics or Lettering made up of pixels or dots. These are common to photo editing software.

Amount of pixels or dots a Rasterized image is made up of per inch.
We require a minimum of 300dpi, "dots per inch" to ensure a good quality enlarged reproduction.
We recommend images to be 600dpi at (1" = 1'-0") scale. Every image inch equals 1 foot in reality.
EXAMPLE: Your sign is (4'-0" x 8'-0"), so your image should be (4" x 8" at 600dpi).

- Corel Draw X3 (.cdr) version 13 or lower, "convert all text to curves".
Adobe Illustrator CS2 v12 or lower (.ai or .eps), "convert all text to lines".
Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) exported out of any Vector based software.
Scanvec CaseMate Pro, Inspire, or EnRoute (.scv, .sci, .enr), "convert all text to curves".
HPGL Plotter (.plt), "convert all text to curves".
AutoCAD (.dxf) or (exported as .pdf), "convert all text to curves".
Adobe Photoshop CS2 v9 or lower, (all supported formats). "non-flattened files are preferred".
Any photo editing program supporting (.bmp, .jpg, .tif, .gif, .pct, .pcd, .pcx, .tga, .img)
There will be a $55 an hour artwork charge if we have to edit or clean up any files sent to us.
To avoid charges:
- Vectorized files must be clean, straight lines must be straight and curves must be smooth.
- Rasterized files must be clean and created at high resolution.